The phatasm is strong
but the presence is here
through you I am travelling now
and you are mine

The earth is my home today
the earth is what is
holds everything together here
you and me

One step at a time is
here and now

Maybe it was you
who didn’t dare to
who didn’t dare to
leap out
right now
was it you

So I flee back onto
the earth that is here
the things that I know here

Everything that is mine
I owe to you
only me and you
for evermore

The land on the other side of the mist
is appearing over there
it was here all the time
and maybe you

Here on earth will find
that which lies close to your heart
that which all people are not fortunate enough
to find here

One step at a time …

(rough translation from the Faroese song “Aftur á jørðina”)